At the Heritage School, we believe that every form of expression is an art, and every art form whether Visual or Performing is an inward journey. From free expression, to developing deep interest and skill in specific art forms, the Arts curriculum spirals and evolves across grades Preschool through Grade XII. Traditional art forms, contemporary multicultural contexts, and themes integral to learning across curricular streams become the soul of the teaching-learning experiences for children. This not only develops and alerts their various senses through the years, but also cultivates in them creative discipline, an aesthetic sense and an attentive conscious response to life.

Further, it keeps the spirit of an earnest desire to dialogue and participate in nurturing the rich cultural heritage and legacy of the human race, thriving. Thus, we endeavour to raise children with high, wide, and generous aims; facilitate development of a worldview that is built on awareness; and to fortify them with skills to create a future with excellence and mindfulness.

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Disclaimer : All efforts have been made to exclude photographs of children whose parents did not grant us permission, any inclusion is inadvertent and regretted

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