Pre-School (Nursery) Admission

Online Registration Form for the session 2024-25 will commence from 23rd November 2023.

As children enter the portals of The Heritage Pre-school, firmly clutching their mother’s hand, many ‘firsts’ await them – the first sighting of the school building, the first hug from a teacher; the first friend who hands a flower, a feather, the first smiley; these are the memories which will stay with the children, forever. The world lies before them, awaiting discovery and wonderment, scrutiny and ecstasy.

These are the years when children write their first letters to their parents and others associated with them. It is here that music finds the most genuine and unconditional response. It is under our little childrens’ feet that the fields develop their self-esteem for they are loved generously and forever henceforth.. In their encounters with ‘others’, children become visible to themselves. They begin their journey of making connections, using their fertile minds, shaped by the very learning they are engaged in. We affirm our responsibility as promoters of childrens’ right to places, materials and contexts that do not betray childrens’ way of seeing the world.

At the heart of the School Learning Program, is also a commitment to enquiry and exploration as vehicles of learning. It is much more important to develop experiences that encourage children to ask questions, than to give answers to questions. The inquiry based approach to learning enables children to nurture their curiosity as they pursue a thought, an idea, a process… In the process of exploration, childrens’ initial ideas get transformed as they engage with problem at hand. Processes are integrated with consequences as they begin to make sense of the world around. Learning becomes interdisciplinary where children are facilitated in learning to learn; and learning to feel. The various themes of inquiry engage children in experiences that develop critical thinking , generative thoughts and ability to reflect. Mutual respect becomes the basis for all learning as the children begin their journey of stepping into other’s shoes. Dialogue with self, others & materials, transforms and builds an attitude of inquiry & sensitivity in children. These experiential units enable learning beyond the exact sciences and demands dialogue with the humanities and the social sciences, as well as with art, literature, poetry and music which come together as integrated units, free from the boundaries of isolated subjects. All language development happens within and along with these units.


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