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With a conscious commitment to building expressive autonomy in learning, The Heritage School, Rohini, has developed an experiential learning curriculum. Built on the foundation of empowering children to become rational decision-makers and mindful agents of change, our innovative pedagogy facilitates children to become critical and reflective thinkers. With authentic multi-disciplinary projects that allow children to research and pursue their inquiries collaboratively, children are able to develop heuristic thinking strategies and deep understanding and connections across curricular areas.

What makes the School progressive in the true sense is that it has continued to grow, transform and evolve over the past decade in keeping with the continuity of the Values that it stands for. With focus on Excellence and academic rigour along with enabling children in learning to feel, diverse opportunities are created for children to find their voices through the Life Skills Program, Fine Arts, Performing Arts &Theatre, and Sports. With the teacher-student of 1:17, the differential learning styles, needs and abilities of the learners are consciously addressed. The School also finds immense recognition for its focus on students with special needs or those from economically weaker sections of society. The pedagogical research provides the school with the generative insights that fortify student learning.

The School has also found a dauntless position for itself in professional development of its teachers and program leaders, and active parent involvement in the school. The School, therefore, stands out as it chooses to involve all its stakeholders- children, parents and teachers- in building a shared understanding of our Vision, the Curriculum and practices. From coordinating a variety of Workshops and trainings for parents through the year, to involving parents in diverse multi-cultural experiences along with children and teachers, the School dedicates resources to empowering the parent community in the process of enriching children’s growth and learning.

Quite apart from all this, the school offers the best value for money. With a fee structure similar to other day schools in the NCR, The Heritage School, Rohini, stands out in terms of the quality it offers, not merely in terms of infrastructure but, most importantly, through the quality of teaching and learning. Its fully air-conditioned campusis equipped with state-of-the-art computer labs, laboratories, library and audio-visual classrooms to foster an environment for independent and group learning. Through a diverse kind of well-planned events, community outreach programs and learning encounters; the processes, theories and abilities of all children are made visible and open for interpretation by the parent community. With these premises, the School seeks to produce and create conditions which are fruitful for learning.

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