TechnoAlpin snows the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

TechnoAlpin snows the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

Complete silence reigns here. Frost sparkles on trees, snow sparkles on all surfaces. Is this a painting of a Tyrolean winter landscape? Not really.

From July 3, 2020, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds miracle room will be transformed into a magical winter world – with freezing temperatures and real snow falling from the ceiling and enchanting guests. This miracle was made possible by the innovative company TechnoAlpin. An innovator from South Tyrol has developed for the Swarovski Crystal Worlds an individual and unique solution for snowmaking in the world, which allows you to enjoy the magic of “quietly falling snow” all year round.

More than 15 years ago, Dutch designer Tord Buntje, together with fashion designer Alexander McQueen, developed the central composition of the wonder room – “Silent Light Tree”. This year, the crystal tree will finally take on the backdrop that the designer once envisioned: an ice tree in the middle of a veritable snowy landscape. The transfer of nature to the premises was still not feasible from a technical point of view, but in 2018 Buntje learned about the snow room of the TechnoAlpin company from Bolzano. “Snow brings another natural element to this space. The resulting duality captures the imagination: what is reality here, and what is an illusion, a hint of nature?

At the same time, the swift fleetingness of snow crystals creates a contrast with Swarovski crystals, forever frozen in their splendor, ”the designer admires.

Concept meets innovation.

For two years, the world market leader in snowmaking has partnered with 10 Swarovski employees to develop an exclusive solution for the Wonder Room in Wattens to bring the idea of ??falling snow to life. As a result, they managed to realize the idea of ??Buntier: in the form of a room in which eternal winter reigns. Anyone who looks into this room since July this year will be able not only to admire the design of the crystals, but also to stroll through the winter landscape covered with fresh snow during a romantic snowfall from “heaven”. “In the snow room, we cool the room down to -5 ° C, which allows us to instantly freeze fine water mist from the snow nozzles. However, simulating snowfall, with real snowflakes falling from above, is an original concept for the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

This is a premiere for our company too, ”explains Erich Gummerer, Managing Director of TechnoAlpin. “At the same time, this innovative technology is extremely effective and saves resources. High quality insulation panels, triple glazing and the absence of any thermal bridges ensure optimal low temperature maintenance after initial cooling. The snow cover serves as an additional cold accumulator. The air-conditioned foyer maintains efficient cooling and also makes it easier for visitors to move comfortably from warm to Log In ‹ — WordPress cold. “

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