Reviews Peugeot Boxer.

Reviews Peugeot Boxer.

Have you decided to buy a Peugeot Boxer? Doubt about your choice? Read the reviews of the owners of the Peugeot Boxer on our website – find out the pros and cons of this Peugeot model. Our catalog of autoreviews will help you make the right choice, taking into account the experience and advice of Peugeot Boxer owners.

From year to year, both the equipment and the quality of the Boxer can change, so we provided a search for reviews by the year of the car’s production. To save time, sort reviews by usefulness that other visitors to our site have determined.

A cargo bus in the usual version, in the middle base, with a reliable atmospheric compensatory 12-valve diesel DJ5 2.5l (if the belt breaks, the compensators prevent the valves from meeting the pistons and catastrophic consequences, except for belt replacement, do not occur) was bought second-hand with mileage under 3000. read the review.

Instinct Archives –

A reliable hard worker. A very economical car. But you need to prepare for the winter. Especially look at the gearbox cable and the clutch cable.

Sometimes they freeze with a big minus. So the savings in fuel on the face – 9 liters in the city – this is not an indicator. And it’s good that without a turbine. read the review.

I bought a typewriter a year ago for a company that employs one sprinter and a Volkswagen T5, that is, there is something to equalize a commercial car with. Volkswagen disappears right away because it is not the class and, accordingly, there is no reliability. And during this time, the car proehala 148,000 except for the 92,000 available on the speedometer. read the review.

Electronics takes out the BRAIN. constantly some kind of checks get out, mistakes, diesel fuel is only the most expensive, the doors on the hinges are torn and the most interesting thing breaks down everything that can. the car walks only on the highway does not see the city. Officials can only connect to the computer and delete errors, really nothing with yes. read the review.

Took a car from Holland in 2010, Mileage 150000 km. Service book. At first I could not get enough of it. The engine is just class.

From a traffic light makes any car. On track 160, it’s easy. Eats on – Hooray, that with a load, that without.

In the cockpit – everything for a white man: condender, cruise, heating. overview. read the review.

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