Opel Astra Two Thousand One – Owner’s Review

Opel Astra Two Thousand One – Owner’s Review.

Nice day! Honorable fans of the right cars and not only. A little bit about the history of the purchase. My dad had the courage to change his car for himself. In the end, the Spasio ninety-seven years goes to the first buyer (a man from an old German schuslaika (Opel Cadet eighty-five years) sat in a Japanese minivan)). Standing near the traffic police, waiting in line to turn in the documents. Meet my acquaintances . they are dealing with the Japanese. A word for a word. There is a silent Opel Astra one year station wagon only from the grid. The price is fascinating. Let’s go have a look. We took a look – we liked it.We haggled a little and then we had a deal. Have acquired this "German with a Japanese face". Now myself a German Opel Astra two thousand one year station wagon engine 1.6 color blue gray metallic. mileage 40 eight tons . km Auctioneer Estimate Four BB. Packed well. Four airbags (two front and two side airbags in the backs of the seats) Multicool with radio control. Integrated music with a 6-disc drive. Eight speakers. Upholstery in the cabin and seats – a combination of 2 kinds and colors. Casting and tinting. Heated and electrically adjustable mirrors. Accu with winter and sport modes. The trunk is locked with a curtain on the skids. Separated from the rear seat by a removable net. Almost immediately after the purchase we went to my dad’s hometown in the Kurgan region "Hero City" Petukhovo. What immediately identified the pluses: Large trunk (after Spasio) Comfortable rear passengers (also after Spasio with its highest floor) Good dynamics on acceleration. Great on the road. Sound insulation is good (all the bottom is treated with some kind of porous consistency) Economical engine. Not a bad light and near and far Minuses began to occur as well . Start the engine is incomprehensible have to spin the starter for a long time (Replacement of the fuel filter, spark plugs. and then the timing belt and rollers did not work)- but not horribly important that the first time. Significant dead zone in the side mirrors. The trunk lid locks soundly slamming (IMHO of course). It is on first impressions. In the future on the exploitation of the car . Changing consumables oil synthetic 2.5 liter (German draught from the barrel) Mobil-850 rubles. The oil filter – 250 rubles, brake pads frontal -500 rubles. Timing belt and roller two thousand rubles. Candles 600 rubles. Fuel filter 500 rubles. In November, the thermostat died. A new one ordered through the web brought quickly the amount of one thousand 500 rubles. I changed it myself, nothing complicated. Just before New Year was in Shadrinsk at a friend’s place. Standing near the store, the car at idle runs – waiting for the girls own. ? "oil painting"- through the radiator grill a fountain. I open the hood of the radiator fountain. Turned off, opened the expansion tank, the pressure dropped a little. And the time is about 10 p.m. It’s already dark. Slowly I got to my friends, and with grief "drunk". We have to move out in the afternoon " home to the hut". The light of day revealed the following: Crack from the mounting of the upper left bolt to the top (5-6 cm). Cool welding helped out. I put several layers on it. I refilled the antifreeze and drove back to Kamensk 100 20 km. It’s okay on the road "Didn’t give up the leak". Ordered a new one also through "no". The amount is two thousand and 500 rubles. Changed it myself. Nothing difficult but a pain in the ass – you have to remove the front fenders, then the bumper, the radiator, etc.?. And later in reverse order. I would like to warn you right away that "krauts" under the hood all "molding" on bolts with an inner polyhedron. And this is a separate set of keys. The switch was a success. What else is there to exploit. Suspension is moderately stiff road holding excellent. In the spring, a knocking sound was heard in the front suspension. Lifted on a hoist. Specialist’s verdict – front struts, tie rod ends to be replaced. Well, with our roads, no suspension can withstand it. Ordered a couple of days ago. The cost of the parts is four thousand rubles, plus labor another one thousand 500 rubles. I think that for a seven year old car, the costs are normal. Although all cars before the Opel-Japanese did not make such a fuss. But it’s a lottery. Still, there will be. All in all not a bad home car. Middle Class. Capacious trunk. Economical. People are always asking how it’s an Opel and the steering wheel is on the right. When my father is mature enough to start the sale and at the same time to see how to sell a German with the right wheel. There will be pictures later. Fortune to all.

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