Xiaomi RoboRock S5 Max White Robot Vacuum Cleaner (S5E02-00) (International Version)

Xiaomi RoboRock S5 Max White Robot Vacuum Cleaner (S5E02-00) (International Version)

The RoboRock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner will take care of the perfect cleanliness in your home. This smart device does dry and wet cleaning, leaving no chance of dust or dirt. Equipped with a capacious battery, the vacuum cleaner works up to 3 hours without recharging, during which time it is able to put things in order in a house with an area of ??200 m2.

Real-Time Accurate Mapping RoboRock S5 Max is equipped with an advanced LDS sensor that scans the area 360 degrees, a powerful 4-core processor processes information and produces accurate maps of the room in real time. This helps the vacuum cleaner to organize the workflow more efficiently and build optimal routes, taking into account all obstacles, in order to clean the room as efficiently as possible.

State-of-the-art sensors The RoboRock S5 Max is equipped with a system of state-of-the-art sensors to help it clean. The robot vacuum cleaner uses the readings of the accelerometer, odometer, infrared port and compass in its work, so it will not get stuck under furniture, will not fall off stairs and will not bump into obstacles and walls during cleaning.

High suction power The carefully engineered design and efficient engine create powerful air currents that can effectively remove dust and debris not only from smooth surfaces, but also from carpets or fluffy carpets. Good carpet cleaning The RoboRock S5 Max does an excellent job of cleaning carpets and carpets. The high suction power effectively removes dust, animal hair and other contaminants trapped between the fluff.

If the carpet is heavily soiled, re-clean the area to ensure you get the best results.

Easily overcome obstacles The RoboRock S5 Max is equipped with casters that handle obstacles up to 2 cm high without difficulty. The vacuum cleaner easily overcomes thresholds, runs over wires, drives into a fluffy carpet.

Remote control of cleaning The RoboRock S5 Max robot vacuum cleaner follows all your instructions for cleaning the house exactly. You can set the most convenient cleaning time, for example, when no one is at home. Set up virtual barriers to prevent the vacuum cleaner from going over.

Choose priority areas for cleaning, such as the kitchen or living room, and schedule wet and dry cleaning. The vacuum cleaner will cope with any task perfectly.

Smart water distribution In the mobile application, you can choose the amount of water for cleaning floors depending on the type of surface and the intensity of pollution. So, on the tile or laminate in the living room, you can choose a moderate water supply, and when cleaning the kitchen, it is better to increase the amount of water. If the vacuum cleaner drives over the already cleaned area, the pump stops supplying water to save the resource. The unique design of the RoboRock S5 Max mop doesn’t just move around the room and lightly wipe the floors with a damp cloth. The special design of the mop provides constant and even pressure on every area of ??the floor to clean the room more thoroughly and efficiently.

After wet cleaning with the RoboRock S5 Max, no streaks from water and wet spots remain on the surface.

Smart Charging If the battery power drops to a critical minimum during cleaning, the vacuum cleaner is automatically sent to the docking station along the shortest route to Garmin Dash Cam 56 dash cam for meteorite and content hunters. – The best replenish the charge just enough to finish cleaning.

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