Day Order 5 (Group IX-XII) – Senior School Assembly

X A 24-Apr-18 Tuesday
X B 3-May-18 Thursday
X C 11-May-18 Friday
IX A 30-Jul-18 Monday
IX B 7-Aug-18 Tuesday
IX C 16-Aug-18 Thursday
IX D 27-Aug-18 Monday
X D 1-Oct-18 Monday
IX E 10-Oct-18 Wednesday
XI A 31-Oct-18 Wednesday
XI B 28-Nov-18 Wednesday
XI C 6-Dec-18 Thursday
XI D 14-Dec-18 Friday
XI E 21-Dec-18 Friday
IX A 25-Jan-19 Friday
IX B 4-Feb-19 Monday


Day Order 3 (Group IV-VIII) – Middle School Assembly

VIII A 20-Apr-18 Friday
VIII B 1-May-18 Tuesday
VIII C 9-May-18 Wednesday
VII B 26-Jul-18 Thursday
VII C 3-Aug-18 Friday
VIII D 13-Aug-18 Monday
VI A 23-Aug-18 Thursday
VI B 31-Aug-18 Friday
VI C 11-Sep-18 Tuesday
VI D 19-Sep-18 Wednesday
V A 27-Sep-18 Thursday
V B 8-Oct-18 Monday
V C 16-Oct-18 Tuesday
V D 29-Oct-18 Monday
IV A 4-Dec-18 Tuesday
IV B 12-Dec-18 Wednesday
IV C 19-Dec-18 Wednesday
IV D 31-Jan-19 Thursday
VII A 8-Feb-19 Friday
VII B 18-Feb-19 Monday
VII C 26-Feb-19 Tuesday
VII D 7-Mar-19 Thursday


Day Order 1 (Group I-III) – Junior School Assembly

III-B 24-Jul-2018 Tuesday
III-A 1-Aug-2018 Wednesday
III-D 9-Aug-2018 Thursday
II-A 20-Aug-2018 Monday
II-B 29-Aug-2018 Wednesday
II-C 7-Sep-2018 Friday
II-D 17-Sep-2018 Monday
I-A 25-Sep-2018 Tuesday
I-B 4-Oct-2018 Thursday
I-C 12-Oct-2018 Friday
I-D 25-Oct-2018 Thursday
III-A 2-Nov-2018 Friday
III-B 30-Nov-2018 Friday
III-C 10-Dec-2018 Monday
III-D 17-Dec-2018 Monday
II-A 6-Feb-2019 Wednesday
II-B 14-Feb-2019 Thursday
II-C 22-Feb-2019 Friday
II-D 5-Mar-2019 Tuesday

Please Note: Presentation days of different grade are mentioned in the Assembly Schedule. Besides this we will have assembly on all other Day order 1 (Grade I-III), Day order 3 (IV-VIII) & Day order 5 (IX-XII) as per the School Calendar. The respective Department will intimate special Assembly Celebrations to you fifteen days in Advance.

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