Boat electric motors.

Boat electric motors.

Which boat engine is better – gasoline or electric? You will not find an unequivocal answer, who is used to what. And to make it easier to decide, we have prepared an overview of the indisputable advantages of electronic boat motors.

Read, get acquainted and decide whether it suits you or not.

Comfort and silence, good luck on hunting and fishing will be provided by boat electric motors, which you can buy in our catalog.

Before you buy a boat electric motor for a boat, you need to decide:

for what purposes it is acquired; what boat they are going to install; what is expected from the operation of an electric motor.

Who should buy an outboard electric motor for a boat and for what tasks it is suitable.

For fans of extreme sports, motor boats and high-speed flights, just touching the surface of the water, the advice “buy an electric motor for a boat” will not work. Basically, this type of engine on boats is used to move at a speed of no more than 10-15 km / h in shallow water and overgrown channels on a rubber boat.

Fishermen and hunters choose to buy an outboard electric motor for an inflatable boat. Especially for hunters, it is tempting to buy an electric boat motor and get close to the hunting place on a cat’s move.

Undeniable advantages obtained when deciding to buy an electric boat motor.

Engines of this type have two main indisputable advantages – environmental friendliness and noiselessness. It is sometimes difficult for a fisherman in a boat equipped with an internal combustion engine to sustainably maintain extremely low engine speeds. Trolling fishing requires exactly this condition – the smooth movement of the rubber boat at low speed.

A boat equipped with an electric motor can handle this task easily, which is why these electric propulsion systems are sometimes called trolling. Boat electric motors are widely used as an additional thruster on board the vessel. The decision to buy an electric motor for an inflatable boat is often made by tourists for whom comfort, environmental parameters of the engine and the ability to conveniently fish under the engine during a halt are important.

Boat electric motors, their features.

Due to their design features, electric motors have a number of advantages over their gasoline brothers:

light weight; ease of operation and maintenance; noiselessness; low cost; reliability.

It is not necessary to operate with the concept of power, expressed in horsepower or kilowatts, in relation to motors on electricity. When choosing boat electric motors, which they intend to buy, take into account the traction characteristic of the engine. She talks about the effort that the motor is able to develop.

When testing motors, the thrust is checked by a simple practical method. The dynamometer with the help of a halyard is fixed with one end to a fixed support on the shore, and the other

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