Out Bound Trips

Historically, language emerged with the need to coordinate human activity, which in turn brought about further levels of sophistication in the kinds of activities human beings engaged in, further leading to the idea of skill training and character shaping as communities and societies evolved. On this evolutionary principle is based the premise of our outbound trips program wherein children learn to cross personal limits as they challenge the physical boundaries without, in collaboration with each other and the other members of the community they interact with.

The nature of these outbound trips ranges from adventurous to cultural and historical. Accordingly, children explore different habitats, communities and cultures in their learning encounters. Engaging with authentic problems across the contexts of these trips not only needs effective communication and leadership skills, but in fact facilitates development of these skills as children learn to coordinate activities and to deal with real-life problem situations. It further leads to developing skills of strategic thinking, negotiation, entrepreneurship, resource conservation, independence and interdependence.

Thus, the design of our outbound trips includes the following components in which children are engaged right from the outset, irrespective of the nature of the trip: Goal Setting, Planning and Organisation, Group Work and Task Initiation, Reflection and Task Steering, and Presentation/Community Service Outcome project.

Apart from these, there are international trips such as those to NASA, Cern, and the French Exchange Program, etc that have a qualifying criteria for students to further develop excellence and strive for advanced levels of understanding.

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