Pre-School(Nursery) Admissions

Session 2021-22 Open Seats

Sl. Code Details Date
1) Online Registrations 18th February 2021 (Thursday)
2) Last date of Online Registration 4th March 2021 (Thursday)
  1. Uploading details of children who apply for admission under open seats along with distance range and sibling status
  2. Display of list of eligible candidates for Draw/Lottery on School’s website/notice board
  1. 9th March 2021 (Tuesday)
  2. 12th March 2021 (Friday)
4) Uploading score (as per point system)given to the children who applied for admission 15th March 2021 (Monday)
5) Draw of Lots 17th March 2021 (Wednesday)
6) Displaying the first list of selected candidates
(including waiting list)
20th March 2021 (Saturday)
  1. Orientation of Parents (1st list ) & Uploading of Document & Verification
  2. Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by
    written/email) regarding the first list
  1. 22nd March 2021(Monday)
  2. 23rd March, 2021 (Tuesday)
8) Last date of deposit of fee/ admission for 1st list 23rd March, 2021 (Tuesday)
9) Display of 2nd list (if any) 25th March 2021 (Thursday)
10) Orientation of Parents (2nd list )
Resolution of queries of parents, if any (by
written/email/verbal interaction) regarding the
second list
26th March 2021 (Friday)
11) Last date of deposit of fee/ admission for 2nd list 27th March 2021 (Saturday)
12) Subsequent list of admission (if any) 27th March 2021 (Saturday)
13) Orientation of Parents of subsequent list (if any) & Submission of Document & Verification 30th March 2021 (Monday)
14) Last date of deposit of fee/ last date of closure of admission process 31st March, 2021 (Tuesday)

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