Principal’s message

One of the primary ineluctable struggles of the human society has been to enable its children and youth to be able to make informed choices. Taking cognizance of the necessity to approach learning as a social activity that allows the young minds to engage in the process of finding meaning, our journey in Education has been an odyssey of love and perseverance. Our vision of building a learning community, where each is free to be and grow towards the realization of their highest human potential, has been the express reason and source for the work we do. At the Heritage School, we endeavour to cultivate a culture of dialogue and to raise a community of people that value exchange of ideas for the higher or true purpose of life.

When The Heritage School, Rohini, started in the year 2002, we began the process of co-creating a School space that facilitates a harmonious integration of the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit. With Attentiveness as the mother value that gives birth to Excellence in thought, word, and deed, we continue our journey of nurturing and facilitating children’s emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development, and mindfulness of being. Since its inception, the school community has sought to build relationships that thrive on the love for learning, collaboration, and freedom of expression. We recognize that for learning to be truly experiential, a pedagogy of listening is of paramount importance. Thus, we function with the constant pursuit of renewing depths of understanding along with our community children, teachers and parents.

There is no greater joy than collaborating in the mission of co-creating a system of meaningful education. Passion for learning, child-like curiosity and joy of discovery, in-depth domain understanding and an unconditional love for children has become an inherent part of the school’s system. We owe deep gratitude to the parent community that has not only stood by us as we sought to traverse unchartered territories, but also participated in this process of Education with their constructive feedback and involvement during workshops and a variety of multi-cultural events. Personally, the journey has been a great learning and I have enjoyed and celebrated every moment of it. Our children embody contemplation, clarity of thought and freedom of speech, and look at life beyond the curriculum. It gives me immense pleasure and pride to be their leader and the impetus to this dynamic process of growth and learning.

I welcome you to be a part of our school and experience the spirit of true professionalism, the innocence of childhood, the hunger for creativity, the pleasure of being connected with the inner self and the joy of being a member of a wholesome family.


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