Mr. N.C. Jain
Chairman, The Heritage Schools

“The purpose of education must coincide with the larger life purpose of those being educated.” This firmly held belief is what drove the founder of the Heritage Schools, Shri N.C. Jain, to enter the field of education over 20 years ago. His philosophy, passion and belief have been the guide for countless people to find their own truth in their lives. A true visionary, he inspired the next level of changes in the education ecosystem. Known for his immense work in philanthropy, he contributed to multiple social causes, with a focus on education and healthcare for the underprivileged.

Mr. Manit Jain
Director, The Heritage Schools

Master’s in Education from Harvard University

When Mr.Manit Jain began his journey in the domain of education in the year 2000, his deep disillusionment with his own education resurfaced. He saw that a child’s ability and knowledge were judged and her future determined purely by how she did in exams in a rote-based system. He realised that our education system’s shortcomings must be overcome if our children are to retain their basic curiosity and develop into thoughtful leaders that the nation needs. Thus began his quest for an alternate system of education that would be child centric and shape thoughtful leaders and nation builders.

This quest took Mr. Jain to some of the best schools in the U.S., U.K., Europe and India. Determined to make a difference, he consulted with the best brains across the globe to evolve a 21st century curriculum along with teachers trained in progressive methodologies. In this context, he himself completed a Master’s in Education from Harvard University. Manit’s role models include thinkers such as Sri Aurobindo, Krishnamurti, Kurt Hahn, John Dewey and Rudolf Steiner, amongst many others. He considers himself a life-long student and believes that individuals and organisations must continue to learn in order to realise their visions.

Ms. Smriti Jain

Masters in Learning and Teaching and Instructional Leadership, Harvard University

With a solid base and foundation of 11 + years in teaching and teacher development, first at Mirambika Free Progress School and then at The Heritage School, Gurgaon, Ms. Smriti Jain is also the co-founder of I am a Teacher (IAAT), a not for profit organisation, that will prepare teachers to change the dynamic, structure, context and the very face of Indian classrooms.

At The Heritage School, Ms. Jain shepherded the crucial transformation of the middle program from a conventional to a more experiential, progressive, relevant and child-centred programme. An empathetic leader, she built a culture of inclusiveness and provided the space for the teachers to reflect and grow to bring about this transformation. A Masters in Learning and Teaching and Instructional Leadership from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Ms Jain’s growing frustration with the apathetic state of teacher education in India led her to start a movement to transform our classrooms and through the launch of IAAT.

I am with you, my child
And learn with you
I am joyous
I am me
I am a teacher
- Smriti Jain

Mr. Rajesh Jain
Director, Strategy

Alumnus- Harvard Business School

Mr. Rajesh Jain, an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Hindu College, is an experienced entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of experience in setting up and leading organisations across diverse sectors such as real estate, education, export manufacturing and information and technology. He has also provided guidance and direction to a multitude of social initiatives in the healthcare and education verticals. A second-generation entrepreneur, he has been associated with the Heritage School Group since inception.

Ms. Yakshi Gulati
Principal, The Heritage School, Rohini

With more than 18 years of experience in the field of classroom instruction and curriculum planning, Ms. Yakshi Gulati is a passionate educationist and an influential leader. Her work experience ranges from planning an effective classroom engagements to running a complete organizational structure competently. She understands the larger purpose of schooling and education in life and how meaningful experiences can leave a profound impact on young learners. She believes in making each educational moment a joyful experience and memory for all students.

Her journey through these years has seen diverse changes and evolutionary practices in the field of education. Ms. Yakshi believes that the purpose of learning is to empower all stakeholders to facilitate a collaborative learning environment. Her core emphasis is on creating scope for autonomy in learning through practices that promote self-directed learning. She believes true educational practices are built on the inherent strengths of every learner and pave way for each one to excel.

Ms. Yakshi’s own academic accomplishments include a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Delhi University, Bachelor’s in Education from Jamia Milia Islamia, a Master’s degree in English from Kurukshetra University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration from Symbiosis, Pune. With all her educational credentials and a rich experience of working with students, Ms. Yakshi tries to innovate ways to translate educational theories into teaching and learning practices.

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